How IT Works

Today it’s impossible for any organisation to guarantee the integrity of your PC or smartphone due to the myriad of different software vendors, version updates, plug-ins and live Internet connections.

BankVault can guarantee the integrity of its entire technology stack.  Users simply access their online service from a separate remote device - a pristine, new, virtual machine built only seconds before. Banking and online services run from inside the BankVault sessions are invisible to any cyber malware running on the local device.

BankVault's virtual machines rebuild automatically and upgrade every login so you're always using the latest version of all software.  Each BankVault is invisible from the Internet and any software on your device. It can only be accessed via a stream of pixels to your screen and an "invisible" safe keyboard on a separate device such as a mobile. Sidestepping your local PC bypasses all possible malware and gives you a brand new computer for every transaction.

Your online activity will remain completely anonymous to cybercriminals, as it is all hidden in the cloud, completely separated from your physical computer and the threats that target it.

The unique security solutions, ingeniously separate you from the weakest link in the security chainyour endpoint computer.

Best way to avoid punch, is don't be there!

Mr Miyagi, The Karate Kid II

How does it differ to Antivirus?

Symantec say over 1 million new software viruses are released every 24 hours.  Anti-virus software always lags and can never be ahead of new threats.  Many organisations today, starting with Netflix in 2016, say anti-virus software no longer works and they have ceased to use it.

BankVault has a completely different approach to that used by anti-virus software.  If you compare it to using anti-viral drugs in the human body, BankVault is like waking up each day with a completely new body.

A new hardened virtual machine is built instantly on every login.  There is no possibility of cross-infection with a virus from the local device because no code ever transfers.  It is only a video image and all input can be made from a separate unrelated device such as a mobile.

BankVault is simply independent from any virus, malware and "non-malware" on your local device.

How does it compare to a VPN?
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