MasterKey Technology
Quickfire Pitch and Live Demo

Password Manager

Passwordless Web Authentication
with Founder, Graeme Speak

Ask to Test Drive Your Website

A quick demo and pitch of BankVault‘s MasterKey, for creating Passwordless Authentication for websites. 

In 2021, Passwordless Authentication became the highest-funded sector in Cybersecurity. Analysts predict 90% global adoption as the industry grows from a nascent $45 Bn to $456 Bn by 2030. 

BankVault has pioneered this space since 2015, with 6 Patents filed worldwide, 5 products in market, and has just released MasterKey, which allows any website to go Passwordless overnight.  That is about 10-100x faster than other solutions. 

Across industry, Passwordless user setup is clumsy and costly to support.  This creates a substantial Change Management project to educate users and step them through the setup.  In contrast, MasterKey is invisible and seamless for users.  This beautiful user experience is a result of very clever, simple technology that can scale massively.

BankVault is a cybersecurity innovator developing technologies that secure users, user identity, and access management.

The solutions let organizations offer users Passwordless access to their online services.  The same technology also secures user input of sensitive data such as PINs, SSNs, CCV codes, etc. 

The products are web based SaaS services which completely sidestep any potential malware that may exist on user devices and networks. They are deployed by organizations to protect external customers, or used by individuals to take control of their own security. 

How to Create Passwordless Authentication for Web Users - Quickfire Pitch and Demo

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