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BankVault SafeWindow – for Crypto-Traders

“Invisible Crypto-wallets” – the epitome of innovation

Combines the bullet-proof security of hardware wallets, with the convenience and ease of software wallets, whilst also protecting Exchange logins, Fiat banking, and more.

Secure | Anonymous | Untraceable

$9 – $23 million in cryptocurrency is stolen every 24 hours.[¹]  

It’s not the blockchain which is hacked, but the storage holding private keys: your PC, your smartphone, your exchange.

Endpoint hacking, where cyber criminals target endpoint devices such as PC/smartphones makes up 99% of all hacking targets.  The complex mix of different vendors and software versions on each device makes it impossible to guarantee the security of a device.

Financial malware can be injected by a snippet of JavaScript in the browser. It’s undetectable and according to Symantec, the average time it is present in a device is 10 months. It can easily intercept banking credentials, read your clipboard, capture private keys and trick you into revealing your Google Auth 2FA.

The sting takes just seconds. There is no come-back from a crypto cyber heist.


A new category of “invisible” crypto-wallets and exchanges.

SafeWindow creates a fresh new computer on each login which sidestep all possible malware, viruses, keyloggers and Man-in-the-Browser attacks.  A simple desktop app creates temporary, invisible, virtual computer (an invisible BankVault) in a remote data centre which you use to conduct your trades.

Nested inside the “invisible BankVault” sits a hierarchical deterministic wallet ( from Decentral Inc.) which reconstructs your private and public keys when you enter your seed phrase through the “invisible remote keyboard”.   The system doesn’t store your private keys or any data.

SafeWindow creates a new category of “invisible crypto wallets” which have the security equivalent to a hardware wallet with the convenience of an online software wallet.

Incredibly, SafeWindow also protects your exchange login credentials.  And secures your Fiat transaction with the bank.  And can even be used for opening potentially hazardous email attachments or web hyperlinks.

Headline after headline scream at us that hacking is a high risk. I know this to be true. To me it is an absolute no-brainer to use BankVault. I use their Safewindow service all-day-every-day to protect our fund so I do not have to think about turning it on or off. It's just there operating and I am safe. It's one less thing to worry about, gives me great peace of mind and is worth every cent.

How It Works

Hardware wallets are strong on security but awkward and limited. 
Software wallets are weak on security, but a beautiful user experience.

Login to BankVault’s SafeWindow website and a completely fresh, new machine s built in seconds and streamed to your browser.  Connect a separate device such as your mobile, to create an “invisible remote keyboard”. 

  • Launch the cryptocurrency wallet (Jaxx from Decentral Inc.) and enter your 12 word phrase from your “remote invisible keyboard”, to reconstruct your private and public keys, then transact the blockchain.   Alternatively, download a Web wallet (like Jaxx) into your browser, and use this instead.
  • Login to your Exchanges from inside your invisible BankVault, using the invisible remote keyboard. 
  • The system allows multiple users to connect their mobile devices in parallel, for multi-signature transactions.
  • You can also use SafeWindow for conducting Fiat transactions with your bank. 
  • And opening up potentially hazardous emails, web hyperlinks etc, with complete immunity.  If something isn’t right, just shut down and start afresh.

SafeWindow fundamentally disrupts every attack vector available to cyber-criminals, cutting off every attack vector by simply sidestepping the user’s device. 

Watch out for the next release which embeds a crypto-exchange inside an invisible BankVault.

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Ransomware & Virus protection

Open any email attachment or web 
hyperlink, with complete immunity. 

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Invisible Wallet

Combines the security of hardware
wallets & the beautiful UI of online
software wallets  – accessible securely
from any browser, on any device.

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Secure Exchange Logins

Protect your Exchange login password 
ensuring your details remain 
secure, anonymous and untraceable.

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Safe Banking

Protect Fiat transactions by conducting
banking within SafeWindow. 

Take Control of your own Security

Create Your SafeWindow Login


$ 50 Per User
  • 7 day money back guarantee


$ 499 Per User
  • 7 day money back guarantee
Save $200

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Secure | Anonymous | Untraceable

BankVault is your personal broad-spectrum cyber solution ensuring you’re safe from hackers, and free from trackers.

  • Use it to access accessing banking, crypto-exchange, share portfolios or any financial services platform.
  • Access emails, hyperlinks or open potentially hazardous files with complete immunity by using a temporary, remote, disposable machine.
  • Whether you’re using the WiFi of an airport or coffee shop, sharing the campus computer lab or sneaking a little Facebook time from the computer at work, BankVault-Websafe lets you do so with complete anonymity.

Choose from one of our three products:

     BankVault-WebSafe            for personal use.

     BankVault-SafeWindow      for small business professional and crypto-traders.

     BankVault-Key                      for business payrolls, trust accounts and treasury.

     BankVault-Enterprise           for banking institutions and business portals.

Start now, and take control of your own security.