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Game Changing Technology that Reshapes Security

99% of cyber-attacks target PCs and smartphones.

The goal is to steal money, redirect financial transactions and access sensitive private information.


BankVault eliminates the attack surface of PCs and smartphones, ensuring customers are secure, anonymous and untraceable from hackers.

It is a simple, sophisticated, novel solution that addresses a market losing $2-3 trillion, and growing exponentially.



Secure customers who access your website



Business banking secured from hackers



Browse and transact with complete security

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“convenient, with the addition of “three-factor” authentication…”

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“Top Fintech Startup” 

Silicon Valley World Cup Tech Challenge 2016

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“its unique security solution prevents bank account hacking…”

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”Simple, clear security is now within reach of anyone who needs certainty…”

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“BankVault’s story is one of perseverance with a solid underlying technology”

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“BankVault recognised in 
Top 500 Cybersecurity Companies Worldwide”


End User Tools

Bypass all possible malware on the local device and network to secure users during critical transactions.

Enterprise Tools

Transparent solutions to protect external customers and staff accessing your website portal and web applications.

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Transparent to Customers

No client-side software is needed on the end user’s PC. 

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Simple Implementation

For enterprises, a few lines of code.
For end users, click and go.

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Total Control Over Security

The organisation owns the browser and keyboard customers use.

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Remote Invisible Keyboard

Ensures password can never be intercepted by any keyloggers.

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Simple. Sophisticated. Novel.

A unique newly patented approach to cybersecurity.

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Graphical Proxy
(OSI Layer 8)

Man-in-the-browser attacks thwarted by inverting web portal into an image.  

A powerful, broad spectrum, cyber solution delivered straight to the browser.

Secure | Anonymous | Untraceable

Start now, and take control of your own security.