Company and Team Background

BankVault Pty Ltd is a cyber technology innovator with solutions to secure User Input, Endpoints, Identity and Access Management. 

The team originally had success releasing a cloud computing platform technology called Rainmaker which was based on super-computing infrastructure. The system could build and release virtual machines in 2-seconds when competitors like Amazon were taking 40-minutes. The architecture ensured each build had the latest version of every software component.  It was “Future-proof computing – built in seconds” and reduced IT roll-outs and TCO from ongoing maintenance by 90%.  The technology was recognised by Rackspace, profiled by Robert Scoble for his video series, and being considered for a pilot by Stanford University when the company fell short of funds and was forced to retract.

In 2015 the team pivoted, applying this same technology to solve a different problem – hacking of bank accounts and trust accounts. The sales cycle reduced from 10-months to 10-minutes, at 10x the price per user, and 1/10th of the cost of delivery.  It was 1,000x leverage and team re-branded as BankVault to focus on cybersecurity.  It won Top Fintech Startup worldwide in 2016 at Silicon Valley Forum’s World Cup hosted by Microsoft. The technology was presented to the US President’s Senior Advisor on Cybersecurity and was later signed by Equifax to sell BankVault’s end-user products into its client base. 

In July 2020 the company announced the release of a new Passwordless login solution for enterprise webservers. Based on the earlier innovations the unique combination of technologies creates a formidable technological advantages.  It solves a major security flaw in Password Managers.  It can be deployed in hours where competing solutions require weeks or months. 

The company has a treasure chest of innovative technologies, patent applications and trade secrets protecting its IP, including yet-to-be-released products. The mantra of the Executive Management team is focus on doing one thing – Passwordless. 

The company is was founded in Perth Australia, and has offices in San Francisco and Sydney.  It seeks expansion through sales partnerships. 

Our Milestones

  • 2020

    Passwordless Logins for Web Services, and expand operations in the USA, and appoint UK/European sales partner.

  • keyboard icon


    The company released an Invisible Keyboard for Webservers, a radically simple new innovation for enterprises to secure the users and customers logging into its web portal from compromised devices.
  • 2018

    Release a clientless VDI protocol, with new products for consumer (WebSafe) and SMBs (SafeWindow). Defined a category of “invisible” crypto-wallets and exchanges.

  • 2017

    Presented to the U.S. President's Senior Advisor on Cybersecurity. Signed by Equifax to sell our products into their client base. Launched a new category of "Invisible" wallets and exchanges for cryptocurrency.

  • 2016

    The company won Top Fintech Start-up Worldwide, in Silicon Valley Forum’s World Cup Tech Challenge, a competition spanning 30-50 countries.
  • 2015

    BankVault launched as a hardware device coupled with a supercomputering cloud platform infrastructure. 

  • 2013

    Profiled by Robert Scoble for his Silicon Valley video series with Rackspace, and being considered for a pilot to 16,000 Stanford University staff when we withdrew due to a shortage of funds.

  • 2009

    Silicom Ventures Investment Summit at Stanford University recognised the company as one of the leading cloud computing start-ups in Silicon Valley.