Who is BankVault?​

BankVault Pty Ltd (previously GoPC Pty Ltd) is a technology innovation company at the intersection of 3 of the hottest IT sectors today:  Cybersecurity, Fintech, and Blockchain.

The company pioneered “Remote Isolation”, a new category of cyber security which Gartner Inc. predict will gain adoption in 50% of enterprises by 2021.  This game changing technology reshapes the way people browser and transact securely online.

The company’s products that now deliver cybersecurity to individuals, SMB’s and financial institutions, came out of a remarkable pivot of a supercomputing project the company was working on, codenamed RainMaker.  This was self-evolving architecture rebuilding thousands of virtual user desktop machines on the fly and deploying within a couple of seconds.  Described as “Future-proof computing, built in seconds”, it reduced IT rollouts and ongoing maintenance by 90%.  The pivot came about after applying the same technology to solve a completely different problem – hacking of bank accounts and trust accounts.

In 2018 the company developed a new pixel streaming technology for delivering virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), launched 2 new products for consumers and financial institutions, and defined a category of “invisible” crypto-wallets and exchanges.  

In 2017 the company presented to the U.S. Presidents Senior Advisor on Cybersecurity, the former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani. 

In 2016 the company won Top Fintech Start-up Worldwide, in Silicon Valley Forum’s World Cup Tech Challenge, a competition spanning 30-50 countries. 

In 2013 the company was profiled by Robert Scoble in his Silicon Valley video series for Rackspace, and was being considered for a pilot to 16,000 Stanford University staff.  The company withdrew due to a shortage of funds.

In 2009 the company was recognised as one of the leading cloud computing start-ups in Silicon Valley at the Silicom Ventures Investment Summit at Stanford University.

The company is was founded in Perth Australia, and has offices in San Francisco USA and Sydney Australia.