Odoo ERP – MasterKey Connector for Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless Authentication


How to Deploy Passwordless for Odoo ERP (in 5-minutes)

  1. Get the MasterKey Connector from the Odoo Marketplace
  2. Activate your FREE 14-day trial here
  3. Insert your unique API Key

What is MasterKey?

An intelligent new approach to Passwordless Authentication that is invisible and frictionless for users. The seamless experience achieves MFA in one step and is 10-100x faster to deploy than other solutions. There is (i) No user software or setup, (ii) No change management, and (iii) No backend system changes. 

For users: Passwordless provides seamless access to online services which increases engagement and productivity. They no longer need to remember or enter credentials.

For hackers: Passwordless makes it incredibly difficult to take-over user online accounts, redirect financial transactions, or steal data.

No technology risk: There is no single point of failure because users can still login as normal if they need to.

No security risk:  The user no longer enter credentials through the weakest point of the network, their device. Authentication is now controlled by the Odoo web server. 

The system includes a security feature to automatically logout inactive user sessions. The timeout is set by the administrator.. 

MasterKey is available in 1, 2 or 3-Factors of Authentication:

  • 1st   Factor of Authentication (User credentials)
  • 2nd  Factor of Authentication (Device Signature) *
  • 3rd   Factor of Authentication (Biometrics/FIDO2) *
    * Available via upgrade in the Next release

How does it work? 

MasterKey is a SaaS security solution developed and hosted by the cybersecurity innovation team at BankVault.com.

It harnesses the users mobile phone to authenticate but does this without any user software or setup and so is invisible to users. It can provide up to 3-Factors of Authentication which is far more secure than just a username + password. 

The system is based on a new Decentralized Web Protocol. Three (3x) security secrets (a temporary one generated by the webserver, a semi-persistent security secret generated by the users mobile, and a permanent security secret generated by the MasterKey infrastructure) combine to double-encode and encrypt information entered by the user such as login credentials.

The genius behind the protocol is a two-stage process than uses these secrets but never requires them to be released. The users information can only ever be deciphered by the webserver when initiated by the mobile. 

User Experience

  • On mobiles, Odoo prompts the user and logs straight in.
  • On workstations, user scans a QR code with their phone camera. Odoo prompts and the workstation logs in. 

Passwordless Authentication is deployed in 5-minutes and meets the most advanced expectations for Zero-Trust networks and Zero-Trust devices. 

It delivers an immediate ROI. 

(FREE 14 day Trial)

Step 1 – Get the Connector

Install the “MasterKey Connector” from the Odoo Marketplace

Step 2 – Activate Your FREE 14-day Trial

Step 3 – Insert your API Key

Log into Odoo as your site Administrator:

  • Select Settings, then “BankVault MasterKey”
  • Insert your secure activation code (API Key)
  • Set the inactive user session timeout, e.g. 30 minutes.
  • Save your new settings.


You can test drive MasterKey in a fully operational work environment with no restrictions for 14-days free of charge.  

  • There is no technology risk because there is no single point of failure – users can always login with their normal credentials.
  • There is no security risk because this is the users normal input – now secured by the Odoo webserver so the user’s no longer enter credentials through the most vulnerable part of any network, their own device. 
  • The credentials are captured in a decentralized protocol which works like a one-way vector and can only be used by original Odoo webserver. 

After the 14-day free trial, you can continue using the service by paying a subscription fee, either monthly or yearly. Near the end of the 14-day trial you will receive an email with a web link allowing you to choose a license matching the band of active user devices for your system. 

The system is provisioned in user bands matching the infrastructure needed to support the number of users (unique mobile phones) connecting each month.. Excess users will receive gentle warnings and then be unable to login using MasterKey. Users are never locked out because they can go back to the original Odoo login screen but this reverts backward undermining the security model and creating user confusion and friction.

up to 5 Users

($2 / user-month)
$ 120 per year
  • or $15 / month

up to 15 users

($1.33 /user-month)
$ 240 per year
  • or $26 / month
Save $120

up to 50 users

($0.80 / user-month)
$ 480 per annum
  • or $52 / month
Save $720

Scalable Licensing
for larger teams

(and special requirements)
Bespoke options
  • 100 users to 100,000 users


Speak with one of our consultants if you have any questions.