Stealth Attack Types: Host File Redirection

Host file redirection is a stealth attack technique that rightfully falls into the ‘simple genius’ category. Most computer users today are unaware of a Windows DNS-related file named Hosts. (You can find it on your own machine here: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc ) The ‘Hosts’ file acts somewhat like a local DNS server in that it contains a […]

Australia: ‘Unrelenting’ Cyber Attacks on the Rise’

Cyber threats are on the rise and becoming more difficult to defend, with businesses increasingly targeted by cyber criminals, an alarming new report from the nation’s top security brass warns. The inaugural Australian Cyber Security Centre report – collated by the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, the Defence Intelligence Organisation, the Australian […]

Stealth Attack Types: Cookie Theft

Another stealth attack type is browser cookie theft. It is said that browser cookies make the web run. Simply put, cookies preserve the action ‘state’ of the user as you surf through the internet. These little pieces of text are sent to our web browser from the websites we frequent making it easier to login, […]