Telstra Website Infected With Malicious Malvertising Trojan

The media content page of  Telstra has been infected with a malvertising malware. The malware links the website to a malicious exploit kit. Malvertising is simply a type of malware which is incorporated in an online advert. On the Telstra website, a Lamborghini Gallardo for sale pops up. When a person clicks on this ad, […]

Alert: New Zero-Day Internet Explorer ‘Drive By Download’ Flaw

Microsoft has issued a patch for a serious security flaw in Internet Explorer which is being actively exploited by hackers. The zero-day flaw — known as CVE–2015–2502 — allows hackers carry out what are known as “drive-by download” attacks where the victim’s system gets infected without their knowledge, simply by visiting a malicious website. The […]