Antivirus is ‘useless’ claims Google Security Engineer

Yes you read that right – one of Google’s senior security engineers, Darren Bilby, claims that antivirus is pretty much useless.

When Bilby got up on stage at Kiwicon, New Zealand’s premier computer security conference, he was supposed to give a keynote speech about about how 2016 has been the age of raiding presidential email inboxes, ransomware running rampant in business environments, and a freak incident that occurred where hackers brought down the internet in America when they hacked millions of internet-connected toasters, fridges and even baby monitors.

During his talk, Bilby told his fellow computer security experts to stop investing in antivirus and intrusion detection software programs because it’s just not enough. Instead, he encouraged them to research more meaningful defence mechanisms that will genuinely help as most security problems are confusing for non-technical people like not to click on links or download files. In this way, it moves the shift away from the cyber security software developers to people and it should not be this way. He claimed that many existing cyber security tools that are supposed to help are just ‘ineffective magic’ that IT professionals install to meet compliance – at the expense of real computer security.

At BankVault, we agree that antivirus and intrusion detection programs are simply not enough. They are great as a minimum safety defense mechanism however antivirus is always playing catch up to combat the viruses that come through.

That is the reason why BankVault was born – when you use our state-of-the-art program, you don’t have to worry about what you’re clicking or downloading. It does more than just protecting your money, credit card details and passwords. If you visit a dodgy website or accidentally open an infected document that has ransomware or a macro virus, all you need is to close BankVault. When you open it up, your brand new virtual machine is completely pristine.

That’s what makes BankVault so powerful – you are protected even if your computer is comprised (and didn’t know it).

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