A New Baseline for Enterprises Created By Australian Cyber Security Centre

Australian Cyber Security Centre now move forward.

With the increasing cyber attacks especially those targeting businesses, Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has taken a step which in many people’s eyes as well as those of security experts is a great move forward. The ACSC has created the first unclassified platform baseline which will be used by Australian businesses to track down the ever increasing cyber attacks.

After coming up with this innovation, ACSC seeks to have all businesses and other organizations to ensure a protection of critical and sensitive information is their primary duty. Organisations should extend this protection to computer and information systems. The National Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT, Australia) responded to more than 11,000 hacking incidences targeting Australian businesses in 2014. This is according to a new report released by ACSC.

Of the many hacking incidences targeting Australian businesses, 153 incidences were those relating to high security and critical infrastructure, national interest and government agencies. Some of the major sectors that were affected include banking and finance, communications, transport, energy and defence. The hackers were using more sophisticated malware on areas that are critical and would destabilize the society and government.

The ACSC was set up in 2014. It was established with a mandate to act as a security clearing house. This would enable the agency together with the government with an opportunity to understand the vulnerabilities that Australian business sector is faced with. This is a particularly critical role that the ACSC was mandated with because it helps organizations know the most prevalent malware being used to target them at any particular time. In return, the businesses and the anti-virus firms can plan on the best AV to invest in.

Because of the absence of a primary mandatory notification platform of a data breach in Australia, the ACSC was established. Backed by the introduction and passing of a legislation in parliament, ACSC is sure to be embraced by the business community especially by those enterprises that have fallen into hands of cyber criminals.

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