Australian Stay Smart Online Week 2016

BankVault is proud to announce that it is now an official partner of the Australian Government’s Stay Smart Online program!

This partnership program is where the Australian Government works in collaboration with trusted organisations to help raise people’s awareness of how to protect themselves online in their personal and working lives. Partners are encouraged to share their experiences and best practices with their employees, customers, and members. Other program partners include Google, Norton, McAfee, AVG, IBM, Hewlett Packard, and the banks.

As BankVault is cyber security software company that stops online criminals hacking into your computer and ultimately your bank account, we are thrilled to be a Stay Smart Online program partner.

Did you know that it’s Stay Smart Online Week in Australia?

As it’s now Stay Smart Online week so there’s no better time to review how good our own cyber security is especially with all the threats out there. This year, the theme of Stay Smart Online week is ‘Cyber safety from the lounge room to the board room’. The focus is on how one’s online behaviour in their personal life can also have a great impact in their workplace. Businesses are encouraged to engage with their employees to teach them about how behave safely online as cybercrime is now costing the Australian economy $1 billion a year.

good online security habits phishing emails

Dan Tehan who is the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Cyber Security, says,

“There have been more than 74,000 cybercrimes reported since November 2014, with online scams and fraud accounting for 42 per cent. These statistics demonstrate the importance of every Australian taking responsibility for their own cyber security.”

Australian cyber crime statistics

You can visit the Stay Smart Online website to find out more about how to protect yourself. You can visit our blog, resources area, or purchase our products to find out more about how to reduce the risk of online theft.

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