Baltimore – Most Extensive Ransomware Attack In History

This attack could cripple the local economy

A ransomware attack that occurred on May the 7th has left the city of Baltimore crippled. The attack has forced the city to go “manual” in most aspects of its daily business. The hackers are demanding roughly 13 bitcoins. The mayor Mayor Bernard “Jack” Young insists the city will not pay, refusing the negotiate with the hackers.

The “Robbinhood” ransomware attack is leaving people unable to buy and sell real estate within the city, as the records cannot be accessed or filed. All happening during the real estate industry’s busiest time of the year.
The attack is being reported as one of the most extensive ransomware attacks in history.

Without backup systems, dedicated data warehousing for sensitive information or redundancies, officials have said it could take weeks to restore all of the computer systems.

It’s important to remember the importance of proper preparation to avoid these types of attacks. The use of backups and redundancies could be the difference between hours instead of weeks. Using a system such as BankVault’s WebSafe will protect users from ransomware attacks. Creating a safe and seamless environment to handle private data.


Baltimore Sun


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