BankVault selected in top 24 startups worldwide to compete for the “World Cup Tech Challenge” in Silicon Valley

BIG news.  This morning BankVault was selected in the top 24 start-ups world-wide.

On the 1st June 2016 we are invited to pitch for the “World Cup Tech Challenge” held at Microsoft Campus, Silicon Valley.

The event is organised by Silicon Valley Forum, one of the top level and most mature groups nurturing innovation and leadership in Silicon Valley.  Their events are first class and we have gone through a filtering process to be shortlist in the top 24 leading startups from across the globe.  This is just incredible and the team here are elated.

In actual fact BankVault is in an even narrower shortlist. The 24 companies span 6 domains: Fintech, Biotech, Agtech, AI/Robotics, Augmented Reality and Internet of Things.  In our category of Fintech there are only 4 companies chosen.  To put even more perspective on this, Fintech and Cyber Security are two of the hottest growth areas of startup investment in the US right now.  Last year Cyber start ups took $3.3 Billion investment and Fintech start-ups $20 Billion investment from US Venture Capital.  The smart money is investing for good reason – there is a new economic era forming now with digital disruption of the global economy – and cyber security is the foundation.  We are pitching BankVault at the intersection of both.

Our company is currently raising another investment round now which we hope to close in the coming fortnight before the 1st June.  We know some of the cream of Silicon Valley venture capital will be at this event so this is an incredible opportunity for investor exposure as well as international exposure to find new channel partners.  The 1st June 2016 is the line in the sand where the BankVault team change gears and looks to accelerate our growth internationally.

The final outcome of the World Cup Tech Challenge will be decided on the 1st June 2016, and although we feel that we have already everything we want with this recognition, you can help Australia win.  The final result is a combination of the judges decision and the number of votes we accumulate from around the world.  So please help us by voting with a click-of-your mouse.

Here’s the link:

Select Fintech and click “Vote” for BankVault.  Vote for Australia!!

Graeme Speak  CEO/Founder
and the BankVault Team

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