I have purchased BankVault, but haven’t received my BV key yet.

It takes us a few days to configure the keys, and the random cloud environment they will connect you to. You should receive them within a week. Please contact us if you have any problems.

How many BankVault keys do I need for my business?

This varies considerably between businesses. Some require individual keys for specific users while others assign a computer specifically for BankVault tasks. We recommend you speak to one our our partners to discuss your needs.  

How does BankVault Key protect me and my business?

BankVault solutions are a must for any businesses that conduct online banking, credit card transactions online, enter personal or sensitive company information into a website, manages private or sensitive data online, and/or manages client trust accounts. If hackers find their way into your business’s computer systems, you may one day find your bank accounts empty. […]

Can I order both – SafeWindow and BankVault Key?

Yes there are some clients that employ both products – BankVault Key is a premium product which gives you seamless connections, is faster, and allows you to secure large business banking, treasury or trust accounts. SafeWindow is suitable for consumers and small to medium businesses looking for a secure browser to access business or personal bank […]

Can I use BV Web on my mobile phone?

All you need is an internet enabled device and a browser. BankVault Web is optimised for computers, but mobile devices are fine too.

What are the system requirements for BV Web?

To use BankVault all you need is a device capable of connecting to the internet with an internet browser installed.

Why are the unique benefits of BV Web?

Because you access BankVault Web using a web browser, this brings a number of advantages to this solution. Available on any computer: Access BankVault from other people’s computers, internet cafes or your own device.

How does BankVault Web protect me?

BankVault Web gives you access to our secure BankVault virtual machine right from your browser. You can bookmark the page or launch it from the button on our website. BankVault Web protects you using the same simple principle used by all BankVault products: you can’t hack what isn’t there. When you logon to BankVault Web […]

How does BankVault compare to antivirus software?

Antivirus software is great. We encourage you to keep using it, antivirus and other types of security software fulfil an important role in keeping your computer safe. But it’s not comprehensive and still relies on variables such as timely updates and global threat monitoring service responses. Use BankVault when you just need to be certain […]

Are my BankVault virtual machines secure in the data centre?

This is an interesting question. A data centre is a highly secured computer environment, much like a bank. It’s protected and monitored with far greater levels of security than any home or business computer. But that’s not really why it’s secure for you. Your BankVault virtual machine, when it’s created in the data centre, exists […]