BankVault In Advisen’s 2019 Cyber Guide

Check out BankVault on page 131 in Advisen’s 2019 Cyber Guide. The guide features 169 companies, and is the most comprehensive listing of global cyber providers. Download your free copy today:

How does BankVault compare to antivirus software?

Antivirus software is great. We encourage you to keep using it, antivirus and other types of security software fulfil an important role in keeping your computer safe. But it’s not comprehensive and still relies on variables such as timely updates and global threat monitoring service responses. Use BankVault when you just need to be certain […]

Are my BankVault virtual machines secure in the data centre?

This is an interesting question. A data centre is a highly secured computer environment, much like a bank. It’s protected and monitored with far greater levels of security than any home or business computer. But that’s not really why it’s secure for you. Your BankVault virtual machine, when it’s created in the data centre, exists […]

Why a randomly generated virtual machine?

Most cyber-attacks require a target computer which can be reached. A randomly appearing and moving computer becomes close to impossible to attack. A virtual machine can be easily generated in random locations, and then erased. Anything that ‘could’ be done to the virtual machine while it did exist, is pointless because it vanishes. An attacker […]

What difference will BankVault make to my business?

The best thing BankVault does is give you security to be certain about. Many people have either been hacked or have heard of friends or other business that have been hacked. None of them realised until it was too late. If you’ve ever entered personal or sensitive company information on a website, If you’ve ever […]

5 ways why BankVault is better than VPNs

VPN’s provide a level of security for a specific elements of computing but are not a blanket security system. They are typically used for point-to-point tunnels through the Internet. By using a VPN someone lurking on a local router cannot interpret the data as it is routed through. It can be useful to your PC […]

Why is BankVault so secure?

BankVault is secure because is it uses the cumulative effect of different techniques to provide a definitive comprehensive level of security. Combined into BankVault’s solution, all possible threats are eliminated. Virtual Remote Temporary Random Secret Pristine Untraceable When you go online with BankVault you are: Immune to threats that require a physical computer and its […]

What information does BankVault store about me?

Under Australian Privacy Law, BankVault is obliged to record a timestamp whenever you logon to our service. BankVault is extremely concerned about protecting our customer’s privacy and anonymity. All our products are designed so you have no online footprint unless you choose to do so.

Does BankVault protect against ransomware & malware too?

Yes! Malware (a general term for malicious software including spyware, adware, viruses, and other damaging and intrusive programs) have taken a more dangerous turn with the rise of ransomware programs such as cryptolocker. Ransomware hijacks the files that are stored on your computer, and holds them to ransom. People have had to pay hundreds or […]

How does BankVault protect me from bank account hacking?

Banks have tighter security than households and most businesses. The easiest way for them to hit pay day is to target your personal computer. 90% of all financial cyber heists are via “protected” PCs, smartphones, and tablets via unsecure home or work internet connections, through public Wi-Fi, or visiting a website that contains hidden malware. […]