Cybercriminals Take Money Directly from Solicitor’s Trust
Queensland Law Society

How Does this Happen? Isn’t 2FA Infallible? Here is a link to the Queensland Law Society article were several million dollars was hijacked. Lets go straight to the point on the techniques hackers use to steal money directly from bank accounts. Most people assume 2FA is infallible. They can’t imagine how it could possibly be […]

Almost $1 million from SA property buyers by posing as conveyancers

Two South Australian property buyers have been defrauded out of nearly $1 million by scammers using bogus email details to pose as conveyancers. READ MORE The institute’s South Australian CEO Rebecca Hayes said the scammers sent fake emails to conveyancers’ clients last week with instructions to send large sums of money for their property settlements. […]

Hackers steal young woman’s identity, drain bank account

A TOOWOOMBA woman is urging members of the community to be extra vigilant when it comes to keeping their identities safe after her bank account was emptied by scammers. “I was absolutely devastated that not only was my money gone, but my bank failed to freeze my accounts when I reported the hacking,” she said. […]

Cybercrime: $757,000 Trust Account Theft!

The victim of the sophisticated cybercrime, a REINSW member agency, warned others that it could happen to them and to make changes to ensure they are protected. Over $757,000 was stolen, and they witnessed one of the five fraudulent transactions being processed and approved on their online banking system in front of their eyes. “It […]

Salon held to ransom by computer hackers

Imagine owning a small business – and during peak season, you have to shut your business due to a computer virus because your antivirus, firewall, and data backups failed. A small hair and beauty business with two salons in New South Wales, Australia experienced just that. In the process, they lost thousands of dollars as […]

How $500,000 was stolen via a PC from Estate Agent’s Trust Account

It’s a business owner’s nightmare scenario—malware innocently downloaded onto a work computer starts recording keystrokes and soon, company bank account details and passwords are in the hands of a thief. For one Perth real-estate agent yesterday, it was only his well establish business processes, an astute staff member and lucky timing that stopped the $500,000 […]

Andrew Forrest robbed $615,000 due to computer virus

One of Australia’s richest men has just gone public to warn everyone that cyber hackers really are winning. Andrew Forrest had $615,000 stolen directly from his bank account via an injection of software into his PC. You can be sure that this billionaire’s IT department had all the known cyber precautions in place. And it […]