Critical Alert: 13 Critical Security Vulnerabilities Announced By Microsoft

Microsoft’s security bulletin for April announced 13 critical and important vulnerabilities affecting Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and Windows. It extends across computers, smartphones, tablets, and wearable smart devices.

Adobe also announced critical patches for security issues in their Create Cloud Desktop application, RoboHelp Server, and Flash Player.

These weaknesses can allow hackers to take remote control of a user’s desktop computer and gain access to sensitive personal information including online banking credentials which can be used to steal a victims’ money and identity.

Alert Level: Critical

The 13 security bulletins from Microsoft can be viewed here.
The security bulletins from Adobe can be viewed here.

When unresolved

Cyber criminals are able to manipulate online security and use these openings to steal users identity, gain access to bank account logins and other confidential details about you.


BankVault recommends enabling automatic product updates for Microsoft and Adobe.
If you have any concerns about suspicious behavior or a question on enabling automatic updates, please contact our support desk.

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