What a difference a year makes!

12 months ago BankVault was featured on nine news educating the risks of cybercrime with our first generation USB solution.


Cybercrime is now the number one economic crime in Australia. Complacency continues to fuel its growth which is why it is so important that we innovate for ease of use whilst upholding security.   

In 12 months, we have made the giant leap to a new level of easy and affordable SafeWindow with the launch of the SafeKeyboard – the mobile app designed to bypass keyloggers and spyware.

We are now only days away from releasing SafeWindow 4.0 which includes secure access anywhere from any web browser and device!!

We believe this will help us cross the chasm of usability and revolutionise how we browse online. Innovation will not stop there as we pursue innovative solutions to tackle cybercrime and the underlying issue of complacency by making it easy and affordable for everyone to be secure.

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