Hackers can steal your credit card details in just 6 seconds!

Hackers stealing your credit card in just 6 seconds sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Believe it or not, research from the UK’s Newcastle University published in IEEE Security & Privacy 2017 have discovered that it actually is possible to do this if you have shopped online with your credit card.

According to researchers, it is possible for hackers to easily retrieve your credit card information due to a security hole. You can do this by guessing the credit card’s CVC/CVV number (the security digits on the back of your card) if you guess on different online shopping carts, the credit card security systems are not trigged so the owner of the credit card is not notified that fraudulent online activity may be taking place. At the moment, only Visa is susceptible to these forms of attacks.

However it’s not all hard work. You can do this using a program to build up data gathered on different online shopping website so the software is able to pick up information such as the credit card’s expiry date, postal address, and CVC/CVV. It is suggested that technique this may be the reason why the UK’s Tesco Bank attack occurred recently.

Researchers have informed Visa however they denied that it is not possible for a breach to occur based on their research in the real world due to their multiple layers of security checks.

Either way, it is becoming a scary world out there and the best thing to do is to secure yourself the best you can so you can raise the bar. Why would you wait until something terrible happened especially since in the UK the Government and financial sector is talking about not reimbursing money that is stolen from your bank account?

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