Invisible Keyboard for Mobile Web

Seamless Security from Banking to Facebook

BankVault announces new ground-breaking technology, expanding the reach of its invisible keyboard on workstations to the exploding market of Mobile Web. Combined, these two products now address the entire marketplace of devices people use to access the web.
Key Points:
  • The invisible keyboard for Mobile Web applications fortifies security for users by ensuring passwords entered on their mobiles can never be intercepted by hackers.
  • This sophisticated technology is seamless to end users and can be applied to any web application on the Internet, from banking to Facebook. 
  • The company is seeking partnerships with Software Vendors, Platform Marketplaces and Strategic Consultancies. 
New Markets 
The shift from SMB to Enterprise expands our total addressable market 1,000-fold.

The invisible keyboard is a horizontal play across all markets and can be applied deep into each vertical.  The applications span organizations from social media to healthcare, education to insurance, through to government and banking.

Our focus today is smaller institutions via ISV’s (Independent Software Vendors) and Online Marketplaces. Smaller organizations move faster and build essential validation for larger institutions.

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Experience It Live

The technology is so seamless that it comes across as unremarkable. That is the Holy Grail and why even Facebook can use it.

The demo below uses your device keyboard for the username and the invisible keyboard for the password. Login and it will show what you entered. You can type anything into either field.

Click this link ON YOUR MOBILE:


The invisible keyboard was presented to the US President’s Senior Advisor on Cybersecurity, the former Mayor of NYC, Rudy Giuliani. 

BankVault won Top Fintech Startup Worldwide in Silicon Valley Forum’s World Cup Tech Challenge.

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