Lloyds Banking Group Targeted In Cyber Attacks

The United Kingdom is reeling from a second attack of yet another bank. This time, the attack was against one of the Big Four institutions and Britain’s largest mortgage lender – Lloyds Banking Group.

An international hacker group is suspected to have launched a two-day-long DDoS attack, temporarily disrupting Lloyds’ online banking services. Fortunately, no customer accounts were robbed during this cyber attack. However, some reports on Twitter from customers allege that they are still unable to log into their online banking to check their bank account or make payments.

The DDoS attacks attacks are believed to have started two weeks ago and it is believed that these attacks also targeted other high street lenders however only Lloyds was the only one that was affected by these attacks. To defend its systems, geo-blocking tactics were used to prevent web requests from server locations used during the cyber attack as well as techniques to cleanse incoming data. There is no suggestion that any customer details or company data have been affected from this bank hack.

These troubling string of outages are attributed partly to malicious activity as well as to obsolete banking IT systems. This cyber attack comes a mere two months after British second-tier bank, Tesco Bank, fell victim to a cyber heist. This heist saw hackers raiding £2.5m from 9,000 customer accounts. Tesco was Bank was forced to repay customers who had their money stolen from their accounts.

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