New Commonwealth Bank Netbank SMS Text Scam

Have you received a text message from your bank asking you to confirm your mobile phone number? If you a customer of Commonwealth Bank, you’ll definitely want to watch out for this text message scam asking you to verify your mobile phone number.

If you have received this message, take a minute to notice what is wrong in the text.

Commonwealth Bank Netbank Phishing Text

  1. The phone number is sent from a +1 country code which is the USA and Canada.
  2. The web address is not what it should be if it really were the Commonwealth Bank somehow using a North American number instead of an Australian one:
    • It does not start with https:// – the Commonwealth Bank’s website is secured with a SSL Certificate (which shows up as a padlock in the address bar)
    • The top level domain name is incredibly long as it is ‘‘.
      • It does not end in a
      • Commbank is misspelled as comnbank

If you have received this message from your bank (even if it is not Commonwealth Bank), please report it to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network at

If you are not sure whether you have received a legitimate text message from your bank – call their customer support helpline directly. Do not click on the link or reply back to the text message!

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