Introducing BankVault SafeWindow – for SMBs & Professionals

Business banking that’s secure, anonymous and untraceable from hackers

BankVault’s SafeWindow is a simple desktop app that ensures you’re invisible to hackers while accessing banking, share portfolios and other financial platforms.

 Secure | Anonymous | Untraceable

Your most valuable asset is your Cash at Bank. The second, your reputation.

Hackers automate their systems and today, whether you’re a celebrity or a small business, we are all using the same technology so are equally vulnerable. 

Almost all cyber-attacks target PCs and smartphones.  “Non-malware” is a new generation of attack which is undetectable because it uses legitimate code such as JavaScript in the browser or software updates.  Financial malware, on average, is in your PC for 10 months during which time they know everything about you. The sting takes just seconds.  They easily capture login details to online platforms such as banks, share portfolios.  A Man-in-the-Browser can trick users into revealing their Fob, SMS or Google Authenticate. 

The delay while institutions investigate, cripples cash flow destroying businesses and reputations.

Remote Isolation – a new generation of cyber security.

SafeWindow is like using a fresh new computer on each login.  It sidesteps all possible malware, viruses, keyloggers and Man-in-the-Browser attacks on your computer.  A simple desktop app creates temporary, invisible, virtual computer (invisible BankVault) in a remote data centre which you use to conduct online transactions.

Designed for SMB’s and Professionals, it is a popular choice amongst Real Estate Agents, Property Conveyancers, and Financial Planners where transaction security is paramount. 

Take control of your own endpoint security and protect your login credentials from prying hackers.  Use SafeWindow when accessing your banking, financial platforms, or use it to open potentially hazardous email attachments or web hyperlinks with complete immunity, by doing it from a separate disposable machine.

“Top Fintech Startup” 

Silicon Valley World Cup Tech Challenge 2016

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“convenient, with the addition of “three-factor” authentication…”


”Simple, clear security is now within reach of anyone who needs certainty…”


“BankVault’s story is one of perseverance with a solid underlying technology”

“its unique security solution prevents bank account hacking…”


“BankVault recognised in 
Top 500 Cybersecurity Companies Worldwide”


How It Works

Once hackers control a PC, they can defeat a banking Fob or SMS text.

SafeWindow fundamentally disrupts everything cyber-criminals can do with software.  It gives you a fresh new computer on every login, forcing you to be deliberate and trust nothing.

The SafeWindow desktop app builds a completely fresh, new, virtual machine which streams to your screen.  Connect your “invisible remote keyboard” from a separate device, such as your mobile phone.   SafeWindow appears as a safe window on your screen and runs completely independent of your local device. 

Launch Chrome/Firefox to login to your financial platform with a new browser without any history.

Transfer files from your device into your remote SafeWindow, such as creditor payments, by simply copying them into a shared temporary folder on your PC/Mac.   Copy downloaded documents back to your local device once you’ve vetted them.

Open potentially hazardous email attachments or web hyperlinks inside SafeWindow to keep them completely separate from your local device.  You can look at a virus or malware attack directly in the face with complete immunity.  Simply delete the email, or shut the SafeWindow and it evaporates completely.  Login again to create a completely new fresh system and start again.

The app includes an anti-hijacking feature ensuring your session can never be intercepted from a different device.

Safe Banking & Shopping

Protection from account takeovers. Pay, transfer, view and transact
in complete isolation for peace of mind.

Desktop App or Web Service

A desktop app for Windows or Macintosh maps a drive for file transfers and supports printing.


Ensures your session can never be intercepted or taken over from a different machine.

Invisible to Hackers

Within SafeWindow you’re invisible to hackers and any malware running on your device.

Differentiate Yourself

Use bullet-proof cybersecurity to earn customer confidence and drive new business growth. 

Ransomware Protection

SafeWindow is useful too where you can open anything with complete confidence.  Close the window and login to start afresh.

Take Control of your own Security

Create Your SafeWindow Login

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$ 19
Per User
  • 7 day money back guarantee

SafeWindow Annually

$ 199 Per User
  • 7 day money back guarantee
Save $40

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Secure | Anonymous | Untraceable

BankVault is your personal broad-spectrum cyber solution ensuring you’re safe from hackers, and free from trackers.

  • Use it to access accessing banking, crypto-exchange, share portfolios or any financial services platform.
  • Access emails, hyperlinks or open potentially hazardous files with complete immunity by using a temporary, remote, disposable machine.
  • Whether you’re using the WiFi of an airport or coffee shop, sharing the campus computer lab or sneaking a little Facebook time from the computer at work, BankVault-Websafe lets you do so with complete anonymity.

Choose from one of our three products:

     BankVault-WebSafe            for personal use.

     BankVault-SafeWindow      for small business professional and crypto-traders.

     BankVault-Key                      for business payrolls, trust accounts and treasury.

     BankVault-Enterprise           for banking institutions and business portals.

Start now, and take control of your own security.