BankVault-SafeWindow. You're secure, anonymous & untraceable from hackers.

This simple web service and "invisible keyboard" completely sidestep your local PC/smartphone, insulating you from all potential malware. Take control of your own security while banking, trading and accessing financial platforms.

How do you know if your device has been hacked?  You don’t!

Financial transactions should never be conducted if there is a doubt.

SafeWindow guarantees you're secure by sidestepping your local device completely.

Pristine, new, self-evolving, remote virtual machines (BankVault's) are built afresh on each login. These are invisible from the Internet and any hacker malware on your PC.

The "invisible" BankVault is only accessed via a stream of pixels to your "SafeWindow" and an invisible keyboard on your mobile phone.

Inside the BankVault you can initiate external connections with your bank, the blockchain, share portfolio and other financial platforms.


Invisible To Hackers

Remote Isolation completely sidesteps your local device and consequently all hacker malware, ensuring you're secure, anonymous and untraceable.

Anonymous Web Browsing

Browse with true anonymity from cookies or any web tracking malware.

Secure Cloud Transactions

When You Need To Browse Or Transact On Sensitive Cloud Based Applications Such As Accounting Or Financial planning and share portfolios.

Safe Banking

Protect yourself against Bank Account Takeovers by cyber hackers.  Pay, transfer, view and transact in complete isolation for peace of mind.

Travel Safe Online

Wondering if you need a VPN? BankVault sessions are fully encrypted and provide far more security than a VPN, ensuring everything you do online is secure.

Shop Safely Online

Defend your computer from prying eyes reading your credit card and banking credentials.

Complete Online Privacy

Even when using public Wi-Fi.

Complete Immunity

Stops Keyloggers & Spyware

Evade cyber criminals stealing your login ID and passwords.

Use BankVault's invisible Safe Keyboard Click to find out more.

Ransomware Prevention

Open potentially hazardous emails, web links and websites with complete immunity.

Even if you click on a malicous link or open a file attachment that would normally infect your computer, the remote BankVault can be discarded in a click.  As it is only delivering a stream of pixels to your browser there is no cross-executing  there is no cross-infection possible with your computer.

Virus & Malware Protection

Each BankVault is built afresh on every login and the self evolving architecture ensures the latest secure version of every software component is present every time.

Updates are automatically applied every login.

Browser based - Nothing to install

BankVault is delivered as a pixel stream to your browser and so runs on almost any device.

You can optionally download the a BankVault-SafeWindow App onto your PC/Mac for more functionality such as printing and file transfers.


 Other Features

An app provides additional functions such as printing and file transfers from your local device.

Compatible With

Microsoft Windows and Applice Macintosh computers.  We recommend using the latest browser versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

Supports Microsoft Office documents, PDF's and image files.

Safe Banking and Online Shopping:

Using the "invisible safe keyboard" to enter your login credentials evades hidden keyloggers and spyware on your local device.