Shocking revelation: This is how easy it is to hack your smartphone you use for online banking

Do you use your smartphone to transfer money and still believe it’s safe? Below reportage from the 60 Minutes show demonstrates how anyone who has the knowledge and resources can hack your smartphone.

It is almost intolerable to envision our lives without the convenience of having your smartphone at hand all the time. The time and money one can save with this little device in our hand are momentous. With the arrival of smartphones, our entire way of doing ordinary things in life has changed forever. The totality of your life is held in the palm of your hand. At the same time, this is an exhilarating and scary thought.

Everybody you know, all their details, all your personal details such as photos, emails, medical information, banking details, and much more is right there hidden under a couple of buttons. It is just unmistakable that we think that our smartphones are secure devices.

Ross Coulthart made the shocking revelation that just the opposite is true and that this device containing just about our entire life is facing the greatest risk ever seen in the world up to date. The reality is that all the data we thought are restricted and confidential are out and open for the world to explore! Anyone who has the knowledge and resources can intercept, trace and hack your smartphone.

For many years, it has been covered and clouded by international espionage, but the reality today is that it is not covered anymore by authorities. Commercial spies, terrorists, and organized crime are taking advantage of the security loophole and are making a killing.

Thus, the bottom line of this all is to ensure that your smartphone is really up to date with the most latest protection. In addition, be careful with whom you share your phone with! That innocent call you assist a stranger with can change your life in the palm of your hand to an everlasting nightmare.

BankVault encourages users not to use their smartphones for sensitive transactions such as banking and rather use their application for safe and secure usage on their laptops or PC.

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