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Headline after headline scream at us that hacking is a high risk. I know this to be true. To me it is an absolute no-brainer to use BankVault. I use their Safewindow service all-day-every-day to protect our fund so I do not have to think about turning it on or off. It's just there operating and I am safe. It's one less thing to worry about, gives me great peace of mind and is worth every cent.
I’m one of the unlucky that had my online checking account hacked and cash stolen! The process to even initiate a claim with this major bank was such a nightmare, let alone the weeks that followed which included multiple trips to the bank, hours upon hours of phone calls and the damage control with other connected accounts that were affected by this. What is the most alarming, is this hack occurred just two days after I closed escrow on a house! What if the hackers were there days before and stole my down payment? I would have lost 20 years of savings in a matter of seconds. With BankVault’s security and software system, I feel protected and I have an advocate when the major banks’ security features fail.
Stephanie Speizer
Healthcare Professional, California
When I saw an article on internet security featuring BankVault, what caught my attention was the quote… “you cannot hack something that doesn’t exist.” I’ve seen many times in the media that the banks do not make it easy to get your money back if you have had your computer hacked. Even to the point where they the banks tend to put the liability on you for maybe being irresponsible in how your password may have been stored. Who needs that kind of help in trying to get your money back, not me! I am concerned with security when using the internet, which lead me in the past in having a laptop just for my online banking, but on speaking with BankVault and using their system means my banking online is 100% secure. To me the BankVault system is my way of “Self-Insurance”.
Colin T
As a Settlement Agent, I am entrusted by my clients with large amounts of their hard earned money. I believe it is my responsibility to ensure that both my Clients and my Business are protected from the unthinkable – someone hacking into my bank accounts and taking thousands possibly millions of dollars. As a small business – without a high tech IT Department – I do my best to ensure my computer is protected. However, I have been told if someone wants to hack your computer they can – that it is virtually impossible to stop them. When I met with Graeme Speak, he presented to me, a solution with BankVault. I have found his process very easy to use and with the Security of BankVault I know I am using the best form of security available in the world today.
Natalie Grant
Shenton Park Settlements
I was recently hacked. Out of the blue I received a message confirming that my phone number had been transferred to another provider. When I rang my mobile phone company they confirmed it and the woman suggested I check my bank accounts. I did and discovered that my bank account had been robbed of thousands of dollars. I was told that the hackers had gained access into my computer and were watching the key strokes as I went into my bank account – then they went into my bank account to transfer the money out. To do that they also had to take control of my mobile number so they could use that to get the transfer verification codes from the bank. Not only was my bank account empty but it alsotook me a week of running around get my mobile phone back. I now use BankVault. It is something I can actively do which ensures I am secure when banking online.
Leanne C.
Health Professional
The BankVault system is simple and easy to use. The solution the BankVault team have developed is elegant and novel in the way it addresses the cyber threat to the unauthorised hacking of access to a bank account via computer with compromised security.
John Beech
Executive Coach, TEC Chair, ex-Executive Director Orbital Corp (NYSE/ASX)
We use BankVault – and only BankVault – for all financial transactions. We knew we were being targeted by hackers. Around the same time I do rent roll transfers each month we would receive a phone calls from someone different claiming to be from our bank or another institution trying to confirm information. It was a ploy, fishing to confirm my date of birth or some other information relating to my identity. We were alert to it but they sounded so authoritative”, said Catherine. “It was chilling and shows just how prevalent this kind of cyber theft is becoming. They are extremely sophisticated and learning fast. Our trust account carries huge sums of money at certain times of the month and by law if anything goes missing we have replaced the missing funds in under 24 hours, or the Dept. of Commerce shuts us down. The banks simply don’t compensate that quickly and we simply don’t have that kind of money. That is a significant business risk. We’re extremely happy with BankVault and use it for all online financial transactions. It’s given us peace of mind.
Catherine and Tom
Real estate agents
I looked ‘under the hood’ at the underlying architecture of BankVault and came away impressed at how well the system maintains compartmentalised security for every individual user. Every time a BankVault customer connects the system constructs a brand new virtual desktop environment that is then completely destroyed when the user finishes their session. This ensures that all persistent threats are eliminated and that any, necessary software “patches” are applied at each new login. Overall, it’s a very impressive solution to a very common and expensive problem. This is the reason behind my decision to use the product and to invest in the company. Brett Looney, Systems Architect and Investor
Brett Looney
Systems Architect and Investor