The Top 10 Weakness Spots Used by Hacking Exploit Kits

Too Many websites and apps are vulnerable to be exploited by cyber criminals. According to a recent threat intelligence analysis conducted by Recorded Future comprising of over 100 exploits kits, an incredible discovery was made.

While many people are aware that Adobe Flash Player should be labeled as the most exploited product, the magnitude of exploitation targeting it was nothing short of surprising for many. This is not to say that Adobe Flash does not do enough to prevent criminals taking advantage of its software.

Out of the 10 top vulnerabilities used by exploit kits out there, Adobe Flash Player managed to have 8 of them targeted. This is according to an analysis which was conducted between January 1st 2015 all the way to September 30th same year. The other two vulnerabilities leveraged exploit kits targeted Microsoft products Silverlight (CVE-2015-1671) and Internet Explorer 10 and 11 versions (CVE-2015-2419).


  • Of the ten vulnerabilities leveraged exploit kits in 2015, Adobe Flash Player took 8 of them. Microsoft products such as Silverlight and Explorer were the other two targets that made the list to ten.
  • The most popular exploit kit today is Angler which is frequently related to a lot of malware including Cryptolocker.
  • Use of Patch management functions is one of the ideal ways to deal with exploit kits for most organizations today.
  • By uninstalling Adobe Flash Player and then enabling the ‘click to play’ function, you can prevent exploit kits targeting your computer according to security experts.

You can access the full report, here.

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