Warning! Your Android Phone Is Under Threat from Mazar Attack

Best protection against Mazar

Android Smartphones are the new target of a new vicious malware called Mazar. According to security experts, this new malware which is both sophisticated and advanced is specifically targeting Android Smartphones.
The attackers are sending unsolicited SMS or MMS messages to your phone which include a web link. Once you click on this web link the attacker immediately assumes full administrator control of your phone. They can then perform many tasks among them making phone calls and sending premium text messages from your phone. The attackers can also access and change confidential data such as PINs and passwords. Basically, your phone simply becomes theirs to do as they wish.

The scientists added that this malware has tools which add new code to websites enabling them to steal passwords, PINs and even change data before the owners of such information see it.

The best thing to do to keep the attackers at bay, is to be extra cautious about links sent to you via SMS or MMS messages. Also, avoid clicking on links sent via mail or contained in websites, especially those from unknown sources.

Cybercriminals are having a field day online as they can readily buy the Mazar malware. The code bought is designed to target Android Smartphones but can also be used to install fake apps and carrying a number of various forms of attacks.

The best protection you have from Mazar is to be vigilant especially when it comes to clicking on links. BankVault recommends that you secure your phone by keeping off sites that you don’t trust and confirm before opening from the person who has sent you a link via an SMS or MMS message. If you don’t know the source, just delete the message or email. Also, be on the lookout for the latest Android Smartphone updates.

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