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WebSafe – for individuals and small business

Take Control of Your Own Security

WebSafe insulates you from any hackers in your device or network. 

It creates pristine virtual machines in remote data centres and the illusion of a keyboard onto your phone, which together sidestep all potential malware on your device and network.

WebSafe ensures you’re secure, anonymous, and untraceable from hackers.

99% of cyber-attacks target PCs and smartphones.

The goal is stealing the money from your bank account, crypto-wallet and financial platform.

We all use the same technology and are all equally vulnerable to a new generation of cyper-attacks using “non-malware”. This is legitimate code such as JavaScript in your browser, which can do anything it likes.  Financial non-malware is undetectable and persists for months, can install other software and easily capture your banking login details.  The hackers are then just one step from tricking you to reveal your banking Fob, SMS or Google Authenticate.

When it happens the delay while banks investigate cyber heists cripples cash flow, destroying businesses and reputations. 

Sidestep hackers every time

BankVault pioneered a new category of cyber security analysts now call “Remote Isolation / Browsing”.

It sidesteps your PC/smartphone entirely by creating a remote “invisible data room” ensuring transactions are secure, anonymous and untraceable.

Each BankVault is invisible from the Internet and any tracking malware on your local device.  It can only be accessed by a stream of pixels to your browser (no JavaScript or any cross-over code) and a “remote invisible keyboard” running off a separate device such as your mobile.

From inside the BankVault it works like a one-way-mirror.  You can initiate external connections across the Internet to your bank, the blockchain, email server or any online services.  When you finish the BankVault evaporates without trace.


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Today, it’s pure Web


How It Works

How can you tell if your computer is compromised?   You can’t!

Login to the BankVault website and a completely fresh, new machine is built and streamed to your browser.  Snap in a connection with your phones “invisible keyboard” by scanning the QR code.

  • Open emails and hyperlinks to keep viruses and malware isolated.
  • Login to banking and financial platforms with the “invisible keyboard” and sidestep keyloggers tracking your keystrokes.
  • Press F11 to toggle full-screen. Drag-n-drop files from your local device.  Print to your local network.
  • The system forces you to be deliberate and trust nothing.  You can of course login to Google, Firefox, LastPass etc to populate favourites. 

No company can ever guarantee the integrity of your PC/smartphone because of the mix of so many different vendor and versions of closed source software.  In contrast, BankVault has complete visibility and control of the entire technology stack it delivers on login, by leveraging the transparency of open source software. 

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Invisible to Hackers

Completely sidesteps 
your local device and
all possible malware.

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Absolute Incognito

New machine and browser means you are absolutely incognito to thwart tracking of advertisers etc.
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Complete Privacy

Access Facebook and 
personal email through
your work computer.

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Ransomware & Virus protection

Remote isolation is better than anti-virus antidote. It’s like waking up with a brand new body every login.
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Secure Banking

Access financial platforms
and online service with
absolute security.  

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A new category of wallet combines the security of hardware wallets with the convenience of online software wallet.

Take Control Of Your Own Security

Create Your WebSafe Login


$ 20 Monthly
  • 60 minutes per session
  • 100 hours per month


$ 199 Annual
  • 60 minutes per session
  • 100 hours per month
save $40

Secure | Anonymous | Untraceable

BankVault is your personal broad-spectrum cyber solution ensuring you’re safe from hackers, and free from trackers.

  • Use it to access accessing banking, crypto-exchange, share portfolios or any financial services platform.
  • Access emails, hyperlinks or open potentially hazardous files with complete immunity by using a temporary, remote, disposable machine.
  • Whether you’re using the WiFi of an airport or coffee shop, sharing the campus computer lab or sneaking a little Facebook time from the computer at work, BankVault-Websafe lets you do so with complete anonymity.


Start now, and take control of your own security.

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