BankVault News: BankVault available for Mac users and over WiFi!

Exciting Great News!

The big news is that BankVault will be available for Mac users in the very near future and even better news is that soon users who travel will be able to run BankVault over WiFi!

BankVault on Mac

Many BankVault customers are business owners and we estimate 20% of them are running Apple Mac. Until now BankVault was unable to run on Mac hardware because Apple deliberately blocks every external competitor. After months of research, the BankVault team has solved this issue with what is ultimately an extremely elegant solution. There is no change to anything on the Mac. You can access BankVault now by simply holding down a single key on the Mac keyboard.

BankVault on Mac will launch in March 2016.

BankVault over WiFi

Another major BankVault upgrade will include support for WiFi. This will also be launched in March 2016.

Why the fuss?

The BankVault development team’s charter is to provide the highest security possible. WiFi is outside our control and has known vulnerabilities and so until now BankVault forced users to only run on hard wired network connections.
Driven by customer feedback from CEO’s and Executives who travel frequently and need secure online access from anywhere, the team agreed to include a hardened WiFi option for those who need it. We recommend using hard wired connections first but if you are on the road with no alternative then WiFi is available. We suggest using your smartphone as an Internet gateway is preferable to using public WiFi hotspots where you have no idea who else is lurking on the network.

Make sure you stay tuned for the official release that will include full details of how to upgrade.

Sensational New Security Product!

In the next few weeks, we will announce a brand new security product that is relevant to every individual on the planet. Make sure you hear the breaking news by following us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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