What is the difference between SafeWindow and BankVault Key?

All products access the same secure, safe, remote, secret and anonymous BankVault virtual machines.

The difference is because:
a) Each product involves a different method of access to the BankVault virtual machine.
b) Each product offers different features to suit different customer needs
c) Each product has a different cost to manage and service.

Importantly, each product has different security and performance characteristics.

  • BankVault Key offers extreme security and the fastest performance for high risk business banking activities. By its design it fundamentally delivers absolute protection from infected end point devices (your laptop or PC).
  • SafeWindow with new SafeKeyboard offers everyone comprehensive security, providing a secure window with an easy software solution which can be downloaded on any PC or laptop. By using the complimentary SafeKeyboard app for your phone you can now bypass the threat of keyloggers and spyware. It can be used to enter your 2 factor authentication rather than using your computer phone keyboard which is akin to an “invisible keyboard”.

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