Introducing BankVault Enterprise –for Securing Customer Portals

BankVault Enterprise inverts
web-portals into pixel streams, securing customer’s logging into online services

BankVault solves the biggest security issue that every organization struggles with – how to lock down devices on the perimeter of their network over which they have no control – customer PCs and smartphones.  BankVault eliminates this attack-surface.

A derivative of “Remote Isolation” cybersecurity, BankVault inverts the model from an air-gapped Intranet, to instead providing a frictionless Extranet that seamlessly delivers web-portals as a streamed image to external users.  It sidesteps customer device’s, including key-logging malware, protecting the users while they are accessing the organisations online services, even when their device has been compromised.

99% of cyber-attacks target PCs and smartphones.

The goal is stealing the money from customer bank accounts, diverting transactions within financial platforms, or accessing sensitive private information.

When customers are defrauded through an endpoint cyber-attack the consequences can be catastrophic.  The delay while the investigation takes place cripples cash flow, destroying businesses and reputations.

Financial institutions can’t be responsible for lackadaisical cyber practices of their customers as they have no control over this. Yet customers demand compensation no matter who is in the wrong. 

When cyber heists occur it’s bad for every party involved.

New cybersecurity delivers secure endpoints seamlessly.  

BankVault pioneered the category of what cyber security analysts now call “Remote Isolation / Browsing”.  We have now inverted this model to created a new technology that delivers individual web portals via an image from a remote browser.

Customer experience is identical to their normal process but instead of delivering HTML to their local browser, this executes instead inside a remote browser which is then delivered as an image to the local device.  Combined with other anti-keylogging technology, it completely sidesteps the customers local device and all possible malware on it.

Banking and financial institutions can now guarantee the security of transactions, and use this to differentiate themselves and drive customer growth where it counts.

“Top Fintech Startup” 

Silicon Valley World Cup Tech Challenge 2016

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“convenient, with the addition of “three-factor” authentication…”


”Simple, clear security is now within reach of anyone who needs certainty…”


“BankVault’s story is one of perseverance with a solid underlying technology”

“its unique security solution prevents bank account hacking…”


“BankVault recognised in 
Top 500 Cybersecurity Companies Worldwide”


How It Works

Customers experience no difference to their normal login process. 

The user clicks to open the login page of their financial portal.   A new browser tab opens requesting their login ID and password.  Everything within this browser tab however is being streamed from a remote browser and virtual machine (their virtual BankVault). 

As no HTML is executing on the local device there is no attack vector for a Man-in-the-Browser.

Keyloggers, if present on the customer device, will be there to record customer login credentials.  Two options are provided to sidestep this issue:

  • On desktop computers, a QR code in the web page connects a remote invisible keyboard from a separate physical device, such as the customers mobile phone.  This keyboard itself is an illusion and so not susceptible to interception.
  • On mobile phones, a remote invisible keyboard is displayed as an image from the remote BankVault.  It is immune to the browser and keyboard interception technology used by endpoint hackers.

The BankVault service can be either hosted inside an organisations network or through an external host, such as AWS or Azure. Each user generates a fresh BankVault and browser, which effectively operates within the control of the organisation before being streamed as an image to the customer.  Options exist to force customers to enter passwords through a remote invisible keyboard, which only appear as asterisks so can’t be recorded.

Financial institutions have the ability to continue security monitoring for fraud detection.  At the bottom lines, institutions can guarantee the security of each user because their web-portal literally sidesteps the customer device completely. 

Customer Loyalty

Build confidence and
loyalty by guaranteeing
customer transactions.

Drive Business Growth

At the top end of the market
where it counts. Open a blue
ocean strategy for your organisation.

Seamless Integration

Works with standard web portals
seamlessly for customers. Combine
other cyber technologies easily.

Inverted Web Delivery

Remote isolation inverted,
means delivering a specific
web portal to any customer.

Secure your customer's devices

Speak with one of our security consultants about the BankVault Enterprise

Secure | Anonymous | Untraceable

BankVault is your personal broad-spectrum cyber solution ensuring you’re safe from hackers, and free from trackers.

  • Use it to access accessing banking, crypto-exchange, share portfolios or any financial services platform.
  • Access emails, hyperlinks or open potentially hazardous files with complete immunity by using a temporary, remote, disposable machine.
  • Whether you’re using the WiFi of an airport or coffee shop, sharing the campus computer lab or sneaking a little Facebook time from the computer at work, BankVault-Websafe lets you do so with complete anonymity.

Choose from one of our three products:

     BankVault-WebSafe            for personal use.

     BankVault-SafeWindow      for small business professional and crypto-traders.

     BankVault-Key                      for business payrolls, trust accounts and treasury.

     BankVault-Enterprise          for banking institutions and business portals.

Start now, and take control of your own security.