Odoo ERP – MasterKey Connector for Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless Authentication


How to Deploy Passwordless Authentication for Odoo ERP

  1. Get the Connector from the Odoo Marketplace
  2. Activate your MasterKey service here
  3. Insert your API Key

What is MasterKey for Odoo?

An intelligent new approach to Passwordless Authentication for Web Services that is invisible and frictionless for users. The seamless experience achieves MFA in one step and is 10-100x faster to deploy than other solutions.  The Decentralized Web Protocol, requires (i) No client software or user setup, (ii) No change management, and (iii) No backend system changes. 

For users: Passwordless provides seamless access to online services which increases engagement and productivity. They no longer need to remember or enter credentials.

For hackers: Passwordless makes it incredibly difficult to take-over user online accounts, redirect financial transactions, or steal data.

No technology risk: There is no single point of failure because users can still login as normal if they need to.

No security risk:  The user no longer enter credentials through the weakest point of the network, their device. Authentication is now controlled by the enterprise web server. 

MasterKey is available in 1, 2 or 3-Factors of Authentication:

  • 1st   Factor of Authentication (User credentials)
  • 2nd  Factor of Authentication (Device Signature) **
  • 3rd   Factor of Authentication (Biometrics/FIDO2) **

** Available with upgrade in the Next release 
*** A security feature to auto-logout inactive user sessions after a set time, will be bundled in the next release.

How does MasterKey work? 

MasterKey is a new Decentralized Web Protocol with no central control or single attack surface, making it incredibly difficult for hackers to compromise. 

Temporary security secrets generated by the web server combine with security secrets generated by the users mobile. User login credential are captured in a double-encoded and encrypted system. These security secrets are never released and never come together anywhere. The protocol ensures user information is only ever deciphered by the original web server when initiated by the user. All elements have to work together in unison and the authentication can only happen inside the web server.

The system is invisible to users and can provide up to 3-Factors of Authentication which is far more secure than the traditional 1-Factor (Username + Password). 

User Experience

  • On mobiles, Odoo prompts and logs in.
  • On workstations, user scans a QR code with their phone camera. Odoo prompts and logs the workstation in. 

Multi-Factor Authentication

  • 1-FA is supported on the first release.
  • 2 FA and 3 FA upgrades are available in the next release.

Passwordles Authentication is deployed in hours (not months) meets the most advanced expectations for Zero-Trust networks and Zero-Trust devices, and delivers an immediate ROI

Step 1 – Get the Connector

Install the “MasterKey Connector” from the Odoo Marketplace

Step 2 – Activate Your Service

MasterKey provisions bands of infrastructure to support a maximum number of users. The activation code (API Key) licenses this many users.

  • Select the band matching your anticipated growth over the next year.
  • Confirm your email address and authorize payment.
  • Retrieve your secure activation code (API Key).

Step 3 – Insert your API Key

Log into Odoo as your site Administrator:

  • Select Settings, then “BankVault MasterKey”
  • Insert your secure activation code (API Key) and save it. 


MasterKey provisions infrastructure in bands to support a maximum number of users. 

Select the licensed band that will accommodate your active user base in the next year.

Licensed up to 5 Users

($2 / user-month)
$ 120 per annum
  • Upgrade to 2FA or 3FA in the next release
Small Site

Licensed up to 15 users

($1.30 /user-month)
$ 240 per annum
  • Upgrade to 2FA or 3FA in the next release
Save $120

Licensed up to 50 users

($0.80 / user-month)
$ 480 per annum
  • Upgrade to 2FA or 3FA in the next release
Save $720


Speak with one of our security consultants about MasterKey