Live Demo – BankVault Passwordless

Passwordless – Live Demo

The demonstration shows the login credentials captured by the webserver. 

First login – you can enter any username and password. 

Subsequent logins – are Passwordless.

(Proof-of-presence is disabled by default. To enable WebAuthn please ask an advisor. Your phone will then prompt to set up a biometric or PIN). 

Webservers automatically serve different login pages to mobile or workstation browsers. 
This demo allows the user to bypass this automation for demonstration purposes.

Are you on a Mobile?

Otherwise, scan this QR code with your camera for the mobile demo.
Are you on a Workstation? 

The demonstration shows the login credentials captured by the webserver: username, password, and unique mobile device signature. 

  • First login – you can enter any login credentials.  The username uses a normal keyboard and the password uses the invisible keyboard.
  • Subsequent logins – are Passwordless.

WebAuthn is disabled by default. Ask your advisor to enabled it, and your mobile will prompt you to set up biometrics or a PIN as proof-of-presence. 

  • If your advisor switches your demo to activate or deactivate WebAuthn then you’ll need to reset the login locked to your phone. 
  • At the “Auto login” prompt press Cancel, and then press “Forget Me”. Enter a new username and password.

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